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Pool Service & Repair in Redding

Executive Pool is licensed and certified to work on all types of pool equipment. We also offer many services to keep your pool beautiful and operating properly. 


Weekly Maintenance is a must if you want to have a sparkling pool. Executive Pool offers a wide variety of pool services with quality care you can always count on. Just call us if you ever have a problem and we will be over as soon as possible.

Weekly Maintenance When we clean your pool we check and balance chemicals, empty baskets and skimmers, brush the pool, vacuum the pool, skim the pool.  Basic chemicals are included and added to the pool as needed.  We also give our regular customers discounts on repairs, chemicals, replacements, and filter cleaning.

Algae/Green Pools Algae is a scary thing to see in a pool.  Sometimes it just won't go away which make the pool look disgusting! Let us do the help you get your pool back to looking like new. We will come out and assess your situation and give you and accurate quote to make your pool shine! Once you hire us we won't rest until you pool is back in shape.

Filter Cleaning There are several different types of filters for swimming pools. All of them require regular maintenance. Twice a year is the minimum and depending on your filter size and the use your pool gets it probably needs to be cleaned more.  A backwash system can increase the amount of time needed between cleanings.

Drain and Cleans Sometimes the problem is just too expensive to treat the current water and the best option is to drain the pool. We do this fast with our own pumps and our own guys. When you need a big job done we have the crew to get it done fast.

Equipment Problems When your pump or filter or other equipment gets old or breaks it need to either be repaired or replaced. Often the best option is just to get new equipment (or refurbished) instead of paying to end up with old repaired equipment. We will help you make that decision. Even if we make less money it's better to give customers the right advice.

Energy Savings If your pump is old it is eating up your electrical wallet. Your pump only needs to be on so long every day. Let us help you save money on electricity and possibly providing a variable speed pump which the State of California prefers.

Other Services Anything your you need for your pool or spa needs - remodels, upgrade equipment, one time cleans, replacement equipment seals, or flow problems just give us a call for a free estimate.

Please feel free to call our officel at 530.245.0790 for a free estimate on Vinyl Liners and any other pool needs you have!