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Salt Water System in Redding

If you currently have a freshwater pool you can convert it to salt water. It is relatively inexpensive for the labor involved. Most of the cost is for the salt water converter and salt. Executive Pool can get great prices on salt water converters. 

Salt Water Swimming Pools use a special unit to split the salt molecules in your pool water and make the chlorine that your pool normally uses for sanitation. Besides this difference in the way the chlorine in your pool is obtained they need the same care as any pool. All other chemical levels still need to be balanced. Some people have the belief that a salt water pool has no chlorine and is 'natural." This is partially true however your pool still needs chlorine added to remove any other unnatural elements from mother nature. A salt water can be kept at a much lower chlorine level thereby saving you on monthly expenses. Because chlorine is added more efficiently to the water the level can be kept lower.  Many of our clients for salt water pools think that it is much better on their skin and eyes. This is because the chlorine level is lower and our bodies contain salt - instead of chlorine you will have to add salt to a salt water pool.

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